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March 18 - April 17


Composer in Residency, Djerassi Resident Artist Programm, CA, USA


April 11

"corona" for Violin and Tape - wp Vn: Egidius Streiff

International Festival for Women Music Today, Hoam Art Hall, Seoul

May 23

Concert <Musik von Junghae Lee, Michele Rusconi und Annette Schmucki>

"Yunmu 2" for Guitar and Live-Electronics, "corona" for Violin and Tape , "Song of Cho-Yong" for Voice & Guitar

Voice: Cristiana Presutti, Vn: Egidius Streiff, Gtr: Jose Navarro, Gare du Nord, Basel

May 29

"corona" for Violin Solo and Tape, Vn: Egidius Streiff

Bucuresti Sala ARCUB, International Week of Contemporary Music

July 4-9

"On the Beat" for Tenorsaxophone, Guitar and Live-Electronics - wp

Saxophone: Rico Gubler, Guitar: Mats Scheidegger, Electronics: Gary Berger

Porto & Aveira, Portugal

July 26

"koika" for Percussion Solo and Electronics - wp

Recital of Yasuko Miyamoto, ALTI Hall, Kyoto, Japan

September 15

"corona" for Violin Solo and Tape, Vn.: Egidius Streiff

International Festival of Electroacoustic Music Música Viva 2003

Museu dos Transportes, Coimbra, Portugal


Music for the Video of Bettina Grossenbacher "Then it will be day again"

November 19 & 21

"infiltraion" for flute, Violoncello and Percussion, Ensemble für Neue Musik Zürich - wp

19/11 20:00 Gare du Nord, Basel, 21/11 20:00 ZKO-Haus, Zürich




















January 10

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"corona" for Violin and Tape, Vn.: Egidius Streiff


Theater am Gleis, Winterthur

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April 16

"corona" for Violin and Tape, "infiltration" for flute, Cello and Perc.

Swiss Music Marathon, Musica de Hoy, Madrid

April 22/24

"NoR" for Alto and Ensemble, Ensemble Phoenix, Basel - wp

Gare du nord, Basel

May 23

"Zwei Portraits", IGNM Basel

"allegro senza respirare" for Subcontrabass Recorder and Live-Electronics (wp), "Buk" for Perc., "corona" for Violin Solo and Tape

IGNM Basel , Gare du nord, Basel

June 10, 22:35 PM

"Portrait of Junghae Lee", CH-Musik, Swiss Radio DRS

Sept. 28

"On the Beat" for Tenorsax, Guitar and Electronics

Ensemble Cattrall (sax.: Rico Gubler, gtr.: Mats Scheidegger, elc.:Gary Berger)

Laborbar, Zürich

November 5

"Der Gesang der Schildkröte" for Voice, Clarinet and Accordion

A: Susanne Otto, Cl.: Karin Dornbusch, Acc.: Bettina Buchmann

World New Music Days 2004, Switzerland






10 April

"infiltration" for Flute, Cello & Percussion (2003)

Ensemble TaG, Theater am Gleis, Winterthur

24 April

"viv" for Baritonsaxophon and Live-Electronics (2005) -wp

Duo Saxophonics (Sax: Lars Mlekusch, Elec.: Thomas Peter)

Gare du Nord, Basel

17-20 Nov.

"Yunmu 4" for Harpsichord & Live Electronics

Gare du Nord, Basel

New Piece for String Orchestra

27 Nov.

Madri String Orchestra, Seoul