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March 18 - April 17

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Composer in Residency, Djerassi Resident Artist Programm, CA, USA


April 11 "corona" for Violin and Tape - wp Vn: Egidius Streiff
International Festival for Women Music Today, Hoam Art Hall, Seoul
May 23 Concert <Musik von Junghae Lee, Michele Rusconi und Annette Schmucki>
"Yunmu 2" for Guitar and Live-Electronics, "corona" for Violin and Tape , "Song of Cho-Yong" for Voice & Guitar
Voice: Cristiana Presutti, Vn: Egidius Streiff, Gtr: Jose Navarro, Gare du Nord, Basel
May 29 "corona" for Violin Solo and Tape, Vn: Egidius Streiff
Bucuresti Sala ARCUB, International Week of Contemporary Music
July 4-9 "On the Beat" for Tenorsaxophone, Guitar and Live-Electronics - wp
Saxophone: Rico Gubler, Guitar: Mats Scheidegger, Electronics: Gary Berger
Porto & Aveira, Portugal
July 26 "koika" for Percussion Solo and Electronics - wp
Recital of Yasuko Miyamoto, ALTI Hall, Kyoto, Japan
September 15 "corona" for Violin Solo and Tape, Vn.: Egidius Streiff
International Festival of Electroacoustic Music Música Viva 2003
Museu dos Transportes, Coimbra, Portugal
October Music for the Video of Bettina Grossenbacher "Then it will be day again"
November 19 & 21 "infiltraion" for flute, Violoncello and Percussion, Ensemble für Neue Musik Zürich - wp

19/11 20:00 Gare du Nord, Basel, 21/11 20:00 ZKO-Haus, Zürich








2004 January 10 "corona" for Violin and Tape, Vn.: Egidius Streiff
Theater am Gleis, Winterthur
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April 16 "corona" for Violin and Tape, "infiltration" for flute, Cello and Perc.
Swiss Music Marathon, Musica de Hoy, Madrid
April 22/24 "NoR" for Alto and Ensemble, Ensemble Phoenix, Basel - wp
Gare du nord, Basel
May 23 "Zwei Portraits", IGNM Basel
"allegro senza respirare" for Subcontrabass Recorder and Live-Electronics (wp), "Buk" for Perc., "corona" for Violin Solo and Tape
IGNM Basel , Gare du nord, Basel
June 10, 22:35 PM "Portrait of Junghae Lee", CH-Musik, Swiss Radio DRS
Sept. 28 "On the Beat" for Tenorsax, Guitar and Electronics
Ensemble Cattrall (sax.: Rico Gubler, gtr.: Mats Scheidegger, elc.:Gary Berger)
Laborbar, Zürich
November 5 "Der Gesang der Schildkröte" for Voice, Clarinet and Accordion
A: Susanne Otto, Cl.: Karin Dornbusch, Acc.: Bettina Buchmann
World New Music Days 2004, Switzerland
2005 10 April "infiltration" for Flute, Cello & Percussion (2003)
Ensemble TaG, Theater am Gleis, Winterthur
24 April "viv" for Baritonsaxophon and Live-Electronics (2005) -wp
Duo Saxophonics (Sax: Lars Mlekusch, Elec.: Thomas Peter)
Gare du Nord, Basel
17-20 Nov. "Yunmu 4" for Harpsichord & Live Electronics
Gare du Nord, Basel
New Piece for String Orchestra
27 Nov.
Madri String Orchestra, Seoul