January 7th

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Ensemble Strom, Theater im Gleis, Winterthur


Pieces of J.Cage, A.Buess, F.Neuhaus & H.Zapf
March 26th "Su Nu" for Tape, Frühjahrstagung des Instituts für Neue Musik, Darmstadt
May 4th "Yunmu 2" for Guitar and Live Electronics
Asian Composer's League, Rodin Gallery, Seoul, Guitar: Marco Cappelli
May 17th "mattinade" for String Orchestra-------wp
Madri String Ensemble, Yeong-San Art Hall, Seoul
June 1st "The Song of Cho-Yong" for Voice and Guitar----wp
Guitarrist Marco Cappelli Seoul 2002
Recital of Cristiana Presiutti, Concervatoire de la Musique, Neuchatel
Voice: Cristiana Presiutti, Guitar: Jose Navarro
June 23th "Yunmu 2" for Guitar and Live-Electronics
Recital of Jose Navarro, Grosser Saal, Musik-Akademie Basel
Guitar: Jose Navarro
Sept. 16th-21st "cross_fade" for Music and Video
Video Room, International Computer Music Conference 2002, Göteborg
Sept. 21st "cross_fade" for Music and Video (DVD Version)
Best of GGG, Warteck, Basel
October 9th "Music in Black", Concert with Acousmatic Music of Junghae Lee
& "cross_fade" for Music and Video, Stattkino Luzern, IGNM Luzern
December 1st "Yunmu 2" for Guitar and Live-Electronics

Dissonanze, Napoli, Guitar: Marco Cappelli























April 29th

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"Yunmu 2" for Guitar and Live-Electronics

IGNM Basel, Grosser Saal, Musik-Akademie Basel, Guitar: Jose Navarro
Transcriptions of Two Korean Folksongs, Sae-Ya Sae-Ya, Arirang
May 20th
Neue Musik im St.Alban & 2000, Basel, Harp and Voice: Consuelo Giulianelli
June 23th - Aug. 11th "Akustische Selbstportrait", 9 Audio Clips for Headphone
Kunsthaus Erfurt (Germany)
June 21th "Buk" for Percussion Solo
Duo Concert by Yasuko Miyamoto (Perc.) and Andreas Gutzwiller (Shakukachi)
Neueklänge, Schaffhausen
July 20th "Buk" for Percussion Solo
Solo Recital of Yasuko Miyamoto (Percussion), Arti Hall, Kyoto
Sept. 9th "Circulation" for Tape (2000)
Prize, "mention", Priz Ton Bruynel , International Music Week Gaudeamus, Amsterdam
Sept. 18th- 22th
"Circulation" for Tape (2000) -wp
International Computer Music Conference 2001, Havanna
Oct. 9th "Music in Black", Concert of Acousmatic Music of Junghae Lee
Stadtkino, Basel
Oct. 10th-14th "cross_fade", Audiovisuell Art at Cinema (Video: Bettina Grossenbacher) - wp
Composer of the Week, Musikmonat Basel, Stadtkino, Basel
Nov. 14th "Yunmu 4" for Harpsichord and Live-Electronics
Musikhochschule Freiburg, Harpsichord: Ricardo Magnus
"Yunmu 4" for Harpsichord and Live-Electronics
Nov. 18th
Tage für Neue Musik Zürich, Harpsichord: Jane Chapman
"cross_fade", Audiovisuell Art at Cinema (Video: Bettina Grossenbacher)
Dec. 15th

E-Werk, Kunstverein Freiburg, Freiburg i. Br.